Creating The special Days

BABYFACE Planet’s concept is “ Creating The special Days ” - turning an ordinary days into an extraordinary days for customers.

As soon as you step into the resutaurant you feel excited. Then you have a lovely time sharing your meals with your loved ones. After meal you feel relaxed and enjoy chat as long as you like.

People have 1095 meals each year. In such a situation, we hope you feel “Today became better day” after the meal at BABYFACE Planet’s. For that moment, we are committed to continue evolving our menu, service and atmosphere.

BABYFACE Planet’s は「毎日がハレの日」をコンセプトとして、お客様にとって「なんでもない日を特別な日にできる」レストランを目指して参りました。

入店した瞬間ワクワクした気分になり、わいわいシェアをしながら食事を楽しみ、食事が終わる頃にはなんだかリラックスしていて、ついつい長居してしまうような居心地。人が1年間で1,095回様々な食と向き合うなかで、BABYFACE Planet’s での食事のあとには「なんだかよい日になったな」と思っていただけますように。これからも、お客様の多様なニーズにお応えする、メニュー・サービス・空間を追求し「より良い」お店作りに努めます。


Today’s meal is better than the last one.

New tastes and smile start from here


For more than 30 years, we have evolved our menu to provide our customers new tastes.
We always pursue the deliciousness. Our signature dish“Fluffy eggs omu rice”and “Mixed fruit juice”were also contrived by diligent member.
We also pay careful attention to the voice of the customer. Therefore we started serving“The large potion” . We are committed to continue evolving our menu.

30 年以上の年月をかけて少しずつ進化したメニューの数々。

Fresh from the kitchen.


Chefs at each restaurant would prepare food and add the final touch.
As soon as customers order, we start cooking for them.
It might take time but we believe the dish freshly made is the best.
And we want our customers taste that and feel “ Today’s meal is better than the last one.”

それも、BABYFACE Planet’sは何より「手作りで作りたて」であることが大切と考え、常に「前来たときよりも、今日の方が美味しい」を目指しているからです。


Love what we do.


We are committed to offering our customers comfortable experiences, beginning with a warm welcoming.
We make sure our members stay happy so they can make our customers happy.

BABYFACE Planet’sは入店した瞬間に「ハレの日」を感じていただけるようにお出迎えを大切にしています。

Relaxed and Comfortable atmosphere


Warm welcoming. Attentive service. Relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
We are committed to continue evolving our service to always exceed our customers expectations.

BABYFACE Planet’sにしかない空気を感じて頂けるよう常にサービスも進化していきます。


Each restaurant is one-of-a-kind.


The buyer go to Bali island few time a year to purchase one-of-a-kind furnitures and ornaments designed by local artists.
Brilliantly colored and delicate ornaments are very unique but also has the warmth of handwork.

BABYFACE Planet’sのインテリアはインドネシアのバリ島へ訪問し、直接買い付けています。現地まで足を運ぶのは、アーティストや職人による手造りの1点モノの感動をお店で味わっていただくため。

Special place for all of us.


Interior design has been one of the most ignificant elements for BABYFACE Planet’s to creat the special days. The place is full of comfort and happiness , and special for all of us.
We offer various types of seats, such as party rooms, flat sheets and private rooms, to satisfy many different customers needs .

BABYFACE Planet’sのインテリアは「ハレの日」の空間演出にとって、なくてはならないものなのです。くつろぎや癒し、楽しさを感じていただける時間は私たちにとっても特別です。だから空間演出にこだわり続けています。